patent the same invention

The SEC alleges that McGinn and Smith knew that it would never be possible to repay investors their principal, let alone the quarterly interest payments promised. McGinn and Smith instead misused offering proceeds to support their financially troubled or bankrupt entities, to make payroll for MS Co., and even for their own personal activities such as procuring strippers for a “sexually themed” cruise. Although the full extent of the fraud is not yet known, it appears that investors are currently owed at least $80 million..

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Cheap Jerseys china Patents must be applied for and awarded before the inventor gains exclusive rights, and those rights only exist for a limited time. However, a patent could be willed to someone by the inventor if it was still in effect. Until the filing process has started, another person could patent the same invention, and then they would be the holder of the exclusive rights to the invention. Cheap Jerseys china

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